Ward 3 Records is Looking to sign 3 artists or bands!

What we're all about:

Ward 3 records is an independent Record label created by Musician, Producer, and writer Parker Hatcher.

 It was built on the idea, that music should always stay with it’s creators. The artists! The writers! The musicians! 

Major and even minor labels, often keep your intellectual property, and require you to record and release a certain amount of music, 

At a certain time, with a certain sound. You may not have as much say as you’d like. 

Ward 3 Records is a great starting point. We offer everything the big guys offer, and you get to keep your music. 

Ward 3 Records takes a small percentage of ONLY the music you’ve recorded with us, on a sliding scale, based on how much writing, 

and recording time you’ve spent with us. 

For example: You, the artist, comes to us with 5 songs. However, you’ve only written some guitar and some lyrics. And you wan’t to release a full EP, with Bass, Drums, Guitar, Cello, etc. Parker (Ward 3 records owner) will spend time co-writing with you. He’ll write your instrumentals, help you finish your lyrics, and track (Record) all of the instruments that you may not know how to record. 

So, say you co-write, AND record 5 songs with Ward 3 records. But you’ve only used your voice, or a little bit of your guitar. 

Ward 3 records would ask for a percentage of your royalties once the EP is released. But will never exceed 50% of YOUR earnings. 

Meaning, you will ALWAYS own your music. And Ward 3 Records will receive a small royalty percentage based on how much work went into writing and recording the music. In the instance listed above, Ward 3 Records would ask for 20-30% of your royalties for a certain amount of time. Being, the length that you’ve signed onto Ward 3 records for. 

If you’ve signed on for 1 year, Ward 3 records will receive that royalty percentage for 1 year. 

If you’ve left Ward 3 records, we only ask that you give credit to the producer and writers of the music, and we will only hold onto a 10% royalty for the music we’ve written with and for you after that. 

Most labels take 90% of your earning, give you the “Red carpet” lifestyle, and then charge you for it. Or take it out of your pay. 

That’s unethical. Ward 3 Records wants to TAKE BACK the music! And make it easier to not just BE a musician. But to make a living doing what you love! Without fear. Take Aimee Mann for example. Incredibly successful in the 80’s with her band “Til Tuesday”. Go listen to “Voices Carry”. It was a hit! She went on to make solo records, however, her label owned all the rights. And they wanted her to make serious changes to her music that would have made her, as an artist, miserable. She was stuck. So, she gets offered a deal to write a soundtrack for the film “Magnolia” She takes the deal. Get’s paid, and buys back the rights to her music! She’s in her late 50’s and she’s still putting out records. She’s had her music on TV shows like “Big mouth”, and “Steven Universe” just to name a few. 

Imagine, what would have happened, if she was never offered that soundtrack deal? 

At Ward 3 Records, our biggest goal is to get your music out there. On radio, on television and in films. Have you tour, play shows, get out there. We want to promote you, record and write music with you, and give you the chance that SO many artists never get. 

In fact. That’s why we’ve started Ward 3 Records and laid it out the way we’ve laid it out! Because Ward 3 records, is run by an artist. 

Who was given a contract with SONY, and turned it down. Because he would have given away all of his rights. All of his intellectual property. It wasn’t worth it. 

Ward 3 Records cannot guarantee that you’re going to make it as an artist. But we’re going to do everything we can, to steer you in the right direction :). With us promoting and recording you, and you putting in the effort, there is ALWAYS a chance. 

So what happens, if you get an offer from a larger label while you’re with Ward 3 Records? 

You are always free to go if a larger label offers you a deal, and that’s what you want. Keep in mind, Ward 3 Records is small right now, 

we have a few incredible connections. But as we grow, we’ll be right up there with the big guys. But our motto will never change. 

If you decide to leave and you’re still under contract with us, you must have another offer with a credible label to get out of your contract. 

We usually sign a one year, one record deal for new artists. 

And you can re-sign with us after that one year. Or sign for a longer term, and more records if you’d like. 

Each contract Ward 3 Records signs, will be individually tailored to the artists needs and goals. 

Here is an example of what we can, and will offer you: 

-A record deal. We will record a record, or multiple records with you to completion. We will record, mix, and master your music at PARH Studio’s. 

-Writing expertise. We will help you write, and co-write with you 

-Connect you to other artists who can help you record drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc. And make sure your needs are met for your vision 

-Promotion. We will promote you through social media, connect you to influencers, create ads. All with the goal of getting you on the radio, and every other music promotion platform out there 

-Social media. We will get your social media up and running or add to your current social media. Youtube, instagram, facebook, your own website (When you have somewhat of a following) 

-Music video’s. We will help you, with our creative team and our connections to college's and university’s, to create music video’s for your singles. We will do at LEAST one music video in the first year of signing 

-Music management. We will get you on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube music, Billboard, etc. Through our Record Label distribution. And your music will appear on every platform, internationally. Your music will be available to everybody. 

-Management. We will manage all of the above. And make sure you’re getting as much positive press as we can 

-Pitching. We will pitch your music to larger labels if you choose to seek that sort of deal. We have the connections, and we can use them if you’d like us to. 

What we’ll need from you. 

-Loyalty and trust. 

-A small percentage of your royalties based on how much writing we do for you (You will ALWAYS own, your music. We will never claim ownership of your music) 

-A mutual understanding, and respect from the artists. As artists, what we write, are pieces of our souls. Nobody is any better, or any worse than anyone else. And our music, is part of us. 

-A good hustle. As long as you’re putting in the work, we will continue to work with you. 

That is what Ward 3 Records is all about! 

We are currently accepting artists. Specifically, we are looking for 3 artists or bands to sign a ONE year, ONE record deal with. 

Please email a short bio, and some samples of your music to parkerhatchermusic@gmail.com mailto:parkerhatchermusic@gmail.com

We look forward to working with you! Let’s take back our right, to write!