“Ward 3” updates

The “Turbines” Series is a 20-25 track concept EP set, consisting of different concept 5 EP's! Each EP will have it's own theme and feel. This has been in the works for quite some time, and will be announced officially shortly. These EP's will be available to stream online, everywhere. And will be pressed into a limited number of CD's once released fully. Packed with original artwork, and more. The “Turbines" Series will explore the extremes of the Human mind ie: Loneliness, Happiness, Anxiety, Depression etc. And each EP will deal with it's own concept, in a musical and artistic way. “Turbines” will also dabble in Technology Advancement, Existentialism, The act of War, and storytelling. Stay tuned as we work on these projects!

Demo and teaser versions will be released slowly over the next few months. 

Most tracks will be recorded, and written/produced by Parker and Sky Hatcher. However, we are looking for collaborators and artists to feature throughout the recording process. 

Turbines, formerly known as Ward 3 is Parker's biggest and most ambitious project. 

Now, Eight plus years in the making, This new project, “Turbines” previously titled “Ward 3” is getting closer and closer to it's official announcement, and eventual release. 

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We look forward to seeing how this project resonates with you. 

-Team P.A.R.H