Who is Parker Hatcher, and what is he doing?

Parker Hatcher, born in 1990, In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a Transmale musician. 
He has been writing, recording, and preforming music since he was very young. And most recently, he has taken up sound engineering and music production. 
Parker was diagnosed in 2012 with an autoimmune disease called Lupus. He deals with a lot of pain, illness, and depression daily. But music keeps him going. 
HOWEVER, he will not let that bring him down. 

In 2011, Parker released a studio album titled "Fighting kids for swings", this record was about lost childhood. Growing up, and dealing with life as an adult. 
Shortly after that, with his new illness, he was unfortunately unable to tour this record. Which set him back significantly. 
He spent the next few years in bed. Giving up on everything he cared for. .. Until..

August 2014, he was invited to play a show in Toronto, for a good friend who was releasing a documentary, which Parker's music (The artist's lover) was featured in. 
He packed up and took his partner, his mom, his guitar, and his ambition, hopped in a van, and for two weeks of travel, fought the pain, the illness, the worry, and made it to Toronto. 
When he hit that stage, guitar in hand and a few new songs, It brought him back to life. All of that love, all the smiling faces in the crowd, the heat of the spotlight.. It reminded him, again, of who he was. Of what he was. And will always be. A musician. 

After his trip to Toronto he decided he would not lay down and take it anymore. It was time for a new era. A new beginning. 
He began writing music, spending his savings on equipment, and software so he could write, record, produce, and release a new record on his own terms. 
This project is the most ambitious and possibly crazy thing he has ever done. He created a small home studio, and started recording.

He calls this new 16 track project "Ward 3". A concept album that will take you through a journey of the human mind. You will experience all of the extremes. Madness, fear, sadness, happiness, anger, confusion, narcissism, and many many more. The reasoning behind the title is interesting, see, there is a ward in a hospital in Winnipeg. Where the most violent, and extreme people are placed. For their own safety, and the safety of others. It is called Ward 3. The inspiration came from a series of events in late 2014 that landed some close friends of Parker's in and around that ward. It all seemed to make sense for him. 

Parker's goal with this record is to give the listener a chance to relate and interpret. Every song will have many meanings, his goal is to show the world how music can impact you. How music can make you feel. To bring the listener back to the roots of "real" music. This will not be a top 40 record. This will be a raw, enlightening record. He hopes. 
He wants the world to hear it, and open their minds. 

Parker credits his ambitious project to his Grandmother. Who started him off with piano lessons, and the rest is history. 
"Ward 3" will feature Parker on every track. Drums, guitar, piano, bass, vocals, strings, keys, ect. He wants to do this his way, because he wants to prove that  no matter what life throws at you, you can do absolutely anything. Being sick, having life difficulties, will never stop you, if you love what you do enough. 
Parker wants to inspire you. Join him. 

Parker also love to travel and write film and compose for other musicians! Keep updated on this site to continue to follow his journey.