This page has all the links you need to donate to the autoimmune relief foundation, Or to help out our other causes!

Here is where you can donate to the cause!

As you know, I'm working on a new record and trying to break barriers and get involved in the world by touring and spreading awareness through music.
Being a young disabled transgender male, I'm struggling to survive. And I'm doing my best to be a positive influence for other who have felt pain, neglect, and worthlessness. I want to attempt to heal and help as many people as I can by touring and showing the world that anybody, can do anything. People who are sick, physically, mentally. In their bodies, hearts and souls. They need to know that life is worth living, and that dreams can come true. 
I'm trying to raise enough funds to buy a wheelchair accessible van, tour, and print my record. I have a financial barrier and that absolutely destroys me. The only thing holding me back from living, thriving, and inspiring is, to some a small amount of money. To me its everything. And to me, It's a giant wall. 

If you can help out, and donate any amount so I can get closer to my 25000.00 goal. Click the button below. All donors are entered to win a Gibson Les Paul that will be donated to me once I've raised the funds. Thank you for the support.
If you cannot donate via internet, you can use western union, mail, e interac, or whatever you feel comfortable with. Please email me at for my home address and details.